A FLINTSHIRE man has been jailed after he was found guilty of biting his girlfriend’s nose and spitting out her nasal ring.

Joshua Roberts, 21, of Meadowbank in Holywell, had denied assaulting Melissa Stealey, his partner at the time, but was convicted following a trial. He was appearing at Mold Magistrates Court for sentencing. Roberts had also been found guilty of causing criminal damage to her mobile phone, in the incident that took place on April 6 last year.

Justin Espie, prosecuting, told the court how Miss Stealey’s mother had contacted police on April 11 to inform them of the assault after Roberts had been threats that he would “batter them all”.

He had moved in with his girlfriend and her family after serving time in prison between January and March last year.

On the day in question, Roberts had punched Miss Stealey three or four times, before he grabbed her face and bit her nose. As his victim screamed, Roberts refused to let go and only did after he had pulled her nose ring off her face, which he then spat to the floor.

Roberts would not let her look in the mirror and was immediately remorseful and apologised for what he had done. During the incident, Roberts also damaged his partner’s mobile phone, which had to be repaired at a cost of £45.

In two statements made to police, Miss Stealey revealed how the assault had left scared and anxious to leave her own home.

She said how she would only leave if it was with her mother and how she struggled to sleep at night fearing Roberts would break into their home and attack once more.

She said she hadn’t called the police straight away because she had been scared of what the consequences of doing so might be.

She went on to say how her nose had been left permanently scarred after the attack and how that had left her feeling self-conscious and lacking in confidence to go out and find a job.

Roberts also admitted to a charge of possession of amphetamine after he was stopped and searched by police on January 7 this year. The amount found was consistent with personal use.

Gary Harvey, defending, said that his client had his own mental health problems but that clearly this was a case where there had been a trial and he had been found guilty. He said his client conceded there would no doubt be a restraining order put in place and that the offence crossed the custody threshold.

Mr Harvey told the court that Roberts was expecting to be punished but asked the magistrates if they would consider holding back from a period of immediate custody and impose a suspended sentence.

Kevin McCallum, Chair of Magistrates told Roberts that the attack on his former partner had been a “nasty common assault” and was at the most serious end of their guidelines.

He said: “We are concerned about the protection of the victim and the general public.

“Sadly, there has been a profound affect on the victim in this case, so much so, she has attempted to take her own life.”

Roberts was sentenced to serve 26 weeks in custody for the assault, one week for the criminal damage and four weeks for the possession of amphetamine. The latter two of those sentences will be served concurrently. Roberts must also pay his victim £122 in compensation and a restraining order until further notice, was imposed.

Part of that order states that Roberts must not, “use or threaten to use violence against Melisa Stealey or encourage others to do so”.

He must also pay costs of £775