A REPORT into issues of speeding cars in a Flintshire town has found insufficient evidence to warrant further measures.

Flintshire Council has issued a report on speeding cars in Saltney - an area said by residents to be a hotspot for speedsters.

However, the findings of the report have concluded that motorists are "largely driving in accordance with the 30mph limit" which is in place across the town.

The Leader has reported on several occasions about the concerns of Saltney's residents to tackle speeding cars.

And these concerns turned to anger after 10-year-old Alfie Watts was seriously injured in a hit-and-run incident in Saltney last January.

/In the wake of the incident, the Saltney Community Initiative launched a campaign to highlight the risks of speeding.

Nevertheless, the report - released on Wednesday - states that its findings make it "unlikely" that Saltney will be granted extra Welsh Government funding to tackle the issues, in the form of traffic calming measures.

The report, which took nearly a year to compile, saw 21 surveys completed on roads across the town - and only Sandy Lane, with an average recorded speed of 36mph - would be high enough to achieve police prosecution measures through speed cameras.

Recorded injury accidents on the North Wales Police database between November 2015 and November 2018 were also analysed - finding that 11 had occurred in Saltney in this period.

The report, however, did find that a number of Saltney's residential roads - namely Mainwaring Drive, St David's Terrace, Irving's Crescent, Salisbury Avenue and Douglas Place - would warrant a 20mph speed limit.

But with levels of Welsh Government funding allocated on a points basis - with funding distributed to the highest priority areas - the report states that its findings mean it is unlikely that Saltney will be put forward by the council for extra funding.