CHANGES to Flintshire Council's garden waste service have sparked confusion amongst residents.

The council is no longer issuing stickers which are placed on brown bins to notify binmen that the garden service has been paid for.

Unlike other recycling services, the council does not have a legal duty to collect garden waste - meaning people pay extra for the service.

And the fact stickers are no longer being issued has led to some residents being both confused and uncertain about the situation.

A Broughton resident, wishing to remain anonymous, told the Leader: "People are applying for garden waste stickers and being told by the council that they are no longer being issued.

"But when we ask what they will be replaced by we are given a mysterious answer about 'something' which will come in their place.

"That 'something' nobody has a clue about what it is."

However, the council has now shed more light on the changes.

The stickers will be replaced with a "unique identification permit reference" - with the council moving to a tag system which will be replacing the stickers.

And the council says the permit packs, tags and further instructions are currently being prepared to be issued to residents.

Steve Jones, chief officer for Streetscene and transportation, said: "The garden waste collection service commences from March 1 2020 - with collections taking place every fortnight until 13 December 2020.

“Permit packs are currently being prepared and issued to residents who have already subscribed for the service, and they will contain a unique identification permit reference for the brown bin.

"This year, we will be moving to a tag system instead of a sticker for the brown bins, which will be issued with the packs and further instructions.

“We would encourage residents who have yet to renew their subscription for this popular service to sign up as soon as possible to ensure that collections are made from March onwards.”