A WREXHAM girl is continuing to inspire others in the technology and engineering industries.

April Prince, 13, has once again won an award for encouraging children to go into STEM careers.

Dad James said at the ceremony for the Wales Children’s Activities and Services Award, April received a standing ovation.

He said: “It was an award for STEM work which she has mostly been doing. Last year she designed her own fighting robots which she takes out to schools and local community to try to promote STEM.

“They are all her own designs and are made out of plastic.

“She is specifically trying to make it exciting to kids so they can have a go on the robots and have fun and hopefully lead them into STEM careers.

“She has her own unique challenges. She does things that even full engineers struggle with and producing things that even those with an engineering degree find challenging with very little support.”

The Leader previously reported that April was presented with the award ‘For Excellence in Encouraging Girls Into Engineering’ at the Engineering the Future Festival 2016.

James added: “She has brought her sister Jasmine on board as valuable asset, it’s nice to see them working together.

“She’s doing a really good job, we are really proud of her, a lot of hard work and a lot of stress sometimes but she’s very ambitious.

“She’s trying to fund her own way as well. She has big plans for her STEM work in terms of developing her robots and focusing on the science side of it.

“She won the award for her work with children. She had a standing ovation in the room that was fantastic.”

James said that April has ‘big plans for 2020’ which include competing in more events.

He said: “She’s always looking for supporters to help cover the costs.

“Between the two of them they should be able to take on the world.”

More information about April’s project can be found via her Facebook Page at Glitterbomb.