A FED up motorist has let the council know exactly how they feel about a pothole-ridden road in Flintshire.

The angry motorist has scrawled the words 'Pothole Hill' in spray paint on the A5026 - known as Boot Hill - in Bagillt to fully express their dismay at the state of the road.

However, it is not just in Bagillt where people are bemoaning the pothole problem.

To mark National Pothole Week last week, the Leader appealed for people let to us know about some of their pothole horror stories.

Roads in Abermorddu, Garden City, Mold and Broughton were all cited as being some of the county's worst.

Jill White said: "Top of Sealand Avenue leading into the main road - its really bad."

While Jenny Hurst said there is a "massive pothole" turning into Hawarden Road in Abermorddu.

Andrea Hurst said her son hit a pothole in Flintshire last week - causing considerable damage to his car.

She said: "It broke a spring - had to park up and wait three hours for RAC to come out.

"Car now needs repairing and about £40 spending on parts. He was lucky this didn't cause a collision."

Susan Mulhearn said potholes on Love Lane in Mold are "an accident waiting to happen".

Carol Griffiths said: "Wrexham and Flintshire county councils take note - what's the point in paying road tax when your driving on dirt tracks?".

Steve Jones, chief officer Streetscene and transportation said: "In common with every council in the country - the county’s road network suffers an increase in the number of potholes at this time of year due to the winter weather conditions.

"Our Service Delivery teams continue to carry out the repairs to defects as we become aware of them through regular inspections, or when problems are reported to us by members of the public.

"We are aware of the defects on the A5026, Boot Hill in Bagillt and remedial works for these defects will be carried out at the earliest opportunity."

Cllr Carolyn Thomas, cabinet member for Streetscene and countryside, said a decade of "reduced funding" from UK Government to local authorities has led to insufficient money in the county council's pot for the maintenance of its roads. 

She said: "The Prime Minister promised in his manifesto £2bn to fix potholes over the next four years and this money needs to be released as soon as possible.

"Although any funding is welcome, it is not enough as there is a £9bn back log in pothole repairs across the UK and fixing potholes alone is not enough.

"Roads need proper, long term investment or they will continue to deteriorate and potholes will multiply, especially in the cold, wet weather conditions that we are currently experiencing. 

"Car tax is kept by the UK treasury."