North Clwyd Animal Rescue (NCAR) are looking for a ‘quiet home’ for an old cat to be able to ‘do her own thing’.

The centre posted an appeal on behalf of 10-year-old Moni.

She previously lived with a family that also had another cat and a dog but the appeal states that she “really didn’t like their company”.

It continued: “As I am a slightly older lady, I would like a quiet home and to be the only pet, so I can just have the space that I want and do my own thing.

“I am a friendly lady and I do love a fuss. I will sit on your lap but only if I want to. I don’t mean any offence by this; I just like to do things my way.”

Moni loves to go out and explore her surroundings so would love “a good outdoor space to explore and disappear into the bushes for a bit”.

She is said to prefer a child-free house as, in her own words, she “likes the quiet as a maturing lady”.

If it sounds like Moni could fit into your life, call NCAR on 01745 560546 and arrange to visit with the centre’s Cattery Team