WREXHAM Council is encouraging residents to recycle as much as they possibly can.

They say despite many residents recycling many plastic items, which includes bottles, pots, tubs and trays in their recycling containers every week - a large number of items that should be getting recycled are still finding their way into general waste.

Recently released images by the council shows roughly a weeks’ worth of recyclable plastic found within general waste at one of their recycling centres.

Cllr David A Bithell, lead member for environment and transport, said: “Every bit of recycling – no matter how small it seems – makes a difference.

“The pictures show there’s still plenty of room for us to improve, but we’ll need to work together.

“So before you throw something in the bin, check whether it’s something you can recycle.

“This is how we can all improve and play our part to hit our 70 per cent recycling target by 2024/25.”

To ensure recyclable plastics are of a high quality prior to placing them in containers, the council advise residents to remove any food or drink residue from them. However, they are not asking residents to spend a long time doing so - as a quick rinse in used dishwater is usually enough to get rid of any excess.