FLINTSHIRE is one of the country's booziest areas, figures have revealed.

Health service Babylon surveyed 38,806 people from its Healthcheck app to reveal which areas of Wales consume the most units of alcohol per week on average.

And Flintshire came in at fourth place - with people drinking on average 5.7 units a week, equating to roughly two and a half pints of beer.

Conwy came out on top (7.3 units on average) - with the people of Monmouthshire (6.3 units), Newport (5.8 units) only consuming more than that of Flintshire.

Wrexham residents came in at fourth for the highest amount of drinking sessions per week - with people having an average 2.3 boozy sessions a week.

On the other end of the spectrum, the people of Denbighshire drink by far the least - with the average person consuming just 1.9 units a week.

Babylon is a health service provider that offers NHS GP appointments through its app.

For more information visit https://www.babylonhealth.com/c/healthiest-habits/