THE REPLACEMENT of faulty lifts at blocks of high-rise flats will see them out of action completely for "a good three to four months", the Delyn MP has warned.

Rob Roberts MP said "new lifts are in the pipeline" at Bolingbroke and Richard Heights after residents have experienced numerous issues with them over the last year.

And the Leader reported on Wednesday some of grave concerns which have been raised about the faulty lifts at the 17-storey flats.

On Monday alone, the fire service had to free a group of residents trapped in the lift, while another became stuck later in the evening.

But Mr Roberts warned that following discussions with Flintshire Council and its contractors - the removing and replacing of the individual lifts will see them out of action for a third of the year.

And he says the worsening state of the lifts is chiefly down to recent flooding at the flats.

The Delyn MP says he has "received assurances from the highest levels of the council that the local members are involved in this on a daily basis and that this issue has got the absolute highest priority".

"The council is working very hard on the issue, I truly believe that, and I’m hopeful of a positive outcome soon," he added.