A COUNCILLOR in the Ceiriog Valley has called for an end to fly-tipping in the region.

This comes after the cemetery in Glyn Ceiriog was recently affected by fly-tipping, with several loads of branches, fencing and the remnants of an old hedge and grass cuttings dumped there.

These have been dumped in the tarmacked area of the cemetery which is used to manoeuvre the hearse.

The Cemetery is managed by Glyn Ceiriog Community Council so the maintenance costs come out of the precept included in residents Council Tax.

The Council pay for the grass to be cut throughout the year and for the hedges and shrubs to be maintained.

Wrexham County Borough Councillor Trevor Bates has urged those responsible to stop fly-tipping in the region.

“The site just below the now closed St Ffraids Church is a magnificent location with views looking down over the Ceiriog Valley, so I was horrified to see the disrespect of a few mindless individuals,” he said.

“Whether it’s a rogue trader or a selfish householder it’s just not acceptable when the Wrexham Council recycling centre accepts such items free of charge.

“We are very fortunate that we did not have a funeral there before the rubbish was removed.

“Fly-tipping seems to be on the increase and I urge residents to be aware are report any incidents, action will be taken against those responsible.”