EMERGENCY services were called to reports of a 'possible distressed person' in the Flintshire Bridge area.

The Flint Coastguard Rescue Team was alerted to the incident shortly after 5.30pm on Monday.

They were tasked by UK Coastguard along Wirral Coastguard Rescue Team to assist North Wales Police.

The Leader:

A spokesman for the team said police gathered more information from the first informant and liaised with the officer in charge.

They added: "NWP Drone Unit also tasked and on scene managed to locate a heat source along the training wall towards the Lamp Rock. Coastguard Rescue Officers were sent to investigate and a number of wild-fowlers were spoken too all matching a similar description given by the first informant.

"With this in mind and the area in question searched, Holyhead CGOC were happy this was a call with good intent and all units could stand down."