A REPORT released today has shown how a £36m Welsh Government grant to reduce infant class sizes is "making a real difference" to schools across Wales.

The report shows how the Welsh Government has made progress in reducing infant class sizes in the targeted schools since the grant was launched in April 2017.

Reducing infant class sizes was a key part of the Progressive Agreement reached between Kirsty Williams and the First Minister.

In line with international evidence, the policy targets schools that would most benefit from smaller classes, such as those with high levels of deprivation, additional learning needs, and/or where teaching and learning needs to improve.

The grant is funding 110 additional teachers, 42 additional learning assistants and 52 additional classrooms and improved facilities in 115 schools across Wales.

Also, the percentage of all infant classes and learners in classes over 30 has reduced since the introduction of the grant, with a reduction in class sizes across all targeted schools.

Since its introduction 388 infant classes have benefited from the policy, resulting in there being 770 more learners in classes below 20,and 2,592 fewer learners in classes of 29 learners or more.