A FLINTSHIRE man is ‘living in mayhem’ as work to his home is still not completed, weeks before Christmas.

Wolfgang Horst Schimanke, 69, said improvement work on his home in Llys Alun in Mold were supposed to last up to eight weeks.

Flintshire Council, in partnership with Connolly Ltd, aimed to carry out work to improve people’s homes.

Mr Schimanke said work was scheduled to start in August and last up to eight weeks, but two weeks before Christmas it is only halfway through.

He told the Leader: “Everyone has been having problems in the area.

“We have been living in mayhem and no-one seems to be concerned. I had family coming to stay with me, but I have nowhere to put them up now because there’s no space.

“I was looking forward to Christmas for the first time in 60 years, to have my family with me and now there’s a chance that can’t happen.

“I could end up in hospital with all the stress instead and I don’t want to spend Christmas in hospital.

“I’m getting so uptight and upset with the situation, no-one seems to be taking any notice. They aren’t bothered.

“A lady across the road was left for hours without windows. It’s a stressful time, most of us live alone and it’s causing great upset.”

Mr Schimanke, who has COPD, lives alone and he said the stress is affecting him and feels ‘under pressure’.

The 69-year-old added that the concerns is how long the work is taking and the lack of response from workers.

He said: “I had multiple leaks in November and my electrics was cut off as a result. There still hasn’t been an inspection of my attic and due to the damp, all my stuff can’t go back up there.

“It’s a struggle to even get into bed. It’s a safety hazard. All this mess so close to Christmas.

“It’s a distressing time. I feel like I’m boxed in one room and getting nowhere.

“I have COPD and have to be careful, but the stress is affecting me. I’m under pressure and I can’t see things moving forward. Everything is building up.

“I can hear the wind blowing through the windows and it does make the home colder, so I have to crank the heating up even more.

“I live alone so if I fall over anything there’s no-one to help. Weeks have gone by and we are no further forward. We all just wanted it sorted now. Our houses are worse off now than when they started the improvement work.”

Neighbour Stephen Allen who has lived there until 2010, said he is 'fed up with it all'.

He told the Leader: "You can't go anywhere, I feel like my life is on hold.

"No-one seems to get back to you or take any notice.

"I'm lucky, I had nothing in my attic, so I had nothing to take out. It's an inconvenience and the mess."

Flintshire County Council’s Chief Officer for Housing and Assets, Neal Cockerton, said: “Essential refurbishment work was due to start in September, however we were able to bring some elements of the work forward to August. Unfortunately we have experienced delays because of inclement weather which is beyond the Council’s control.

“We inspected the property this week and there were no signs of damp. Mr Schimanke was happy to put his belongings back in the roof space. Any minor repair will be made good. The remaining work, including the plastering to the window areas, is arranged and, weather permitting, will be completed by next week.

“We will keep Mr Schimanke informed about what is happening and we hope that he will enjoy Christmas with his family when they arrive on Christmas Eve.”