APPROVAL has been given for the extension of a chemical plant in Flintshire.

Plans received by Flintshire Council previously sought permission to extend existing chemical plant structure to contain new processing equipment at Warwick International Ltd in Coast Road, Mostyn.

The council has confirmed the scheme has been approved by committee.

A design and access statement submitted with the plans explains: “The site has been a chemical processing facility for over 40 years.

“Within this time various modifications, extensions and changes have occurred as business has developed, new technologies emerged and increased legislative requirements having to be incorporated.

“The site can now be considered as a mature developed industrial complex with buildings and surroundings being typical for the chemical processing industry.

“As part of the site’s on-going safety and environmental improvement program, new processing technology was installed and commissioned between 2013-15.

“Additional works are now required to further improve the original changes and ensure the site’s long-term future.

“The proposed changes will allow the following benefits: reduction in overall waste generated from site, reduction in overall energy cost/tonne of finished product, reduction in hazardous chemicals present on site, improve the overall process safety risk profile to the site.

“The proposed changes will not affect the type of use of the Mostyn site facility nor the overall site foot print.”