A TEENAGER who says she was raped at a Wrexham country park claimed her attacker urged her to have sex with him as it would be “10 times better than with her boyfriend”.

Kieran John Gracey, 23, of Overleigh Drive, Wrexham, is said to have driven the 18-year-old to a secluded spot at Alyn Waters on the premise he had something important to tell her.

But Mold Crown Court was told his motives were sexual and he grabbed the teenager by the throat before forcing himself upon her.

Prosecuting barrister Andrew Green said: “While she thought the car journey would be a friendly encounter he (Gracey) had other ideas. He was determined that it was going to be sexual.

“When he parked up he ignored her when she told him she didn’t want him to do anything.”

He told her that he had “something really important” to tell her and she agreed to go for a drive with him.

Previously, she rebuffed the interest he’d shown in her and stepped into Gracey’s car believing they were going to McDonalds to buy some milkshakes.

But Mr Green said: “He drove her car to a secluded spot and parked up. He got out to make a phone call and then his behaviour took a darker turn and he started to touch her.

“She felt uncomfortable and pushed his hand away. He said he was better than her boyfriend and it would be 10 times better than being with her boyfriend if she slept with him.”

After pushing the teenager against the car window, Gracey pulled at her clothing and overpowered her before raping her, it was alleged.

Afterwards the teenager rang her boyfriend who drove around to fetch her in his car. Gracey was later arrested and claimed the sex had been consensual.

In a taped DVD interview the teenager said Gracey told her “that to get over her boyfriend she needed to sleep with someone else”.

“He was telling me that he (the boyfriend) had been cheating,” she said.

“I told him to stop but he wasn’t listening.”

Gracey denies rape.

The trial continues