AN ADULT care home manager has been struck off for serious failings that put residents and staff at risk while he was the registered manager of a six-bed facility in Wrexham.

Trevor Green has been removed from the Register of Social Care Workers after a Social Care Wales hearing in Cardiff found his fitness to practise was impaired because of serious misconduct.

The allegations relate to the period between July 1 2014 and November 29 2017 while Green was registered as an adult care home manager and employed by Summit Care Services Limited as the registered manager of six-bed Ty Brian Care Home, in the former Green Dragon pub building on Salop Road, Hightown.

In spring 2017, the then-Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales inspected the care home and found it was not complying with the regulations for care homes in six areas.

A follow-up inspection in October 2017 subsequently found more areas where the home was in breach of the regulations.

The hearing was told that Mr Green failed to make arrangements to prevent the spread of infection, and failed to provide staff with safe and appropriate equipment for cutting ligatures, putting residents and staff at risk.

The hearing was also told that Mr Green had not reported a number of serious incidents involving residents that should have been reported. He also dishonestly created false references for four members of staff.

One of the most serious allegations was the failure to prevent the spread of infection.

Social Care Wales’ decision, states: “We found this charge proved on the basis of the observations made by the Inspector of her visit on 12 October 2017.

"She told us that the Home had infection control measures but they were not very structured.

"She recalled having gone to look at the room of one of the residents (referred to as Resident A).

"Resident A was known to have a blood-borne infectious disease and had cut himself and spread blood over his room. She recalled that there was blood on the ceiling.

"The Home’s Deputy Manager was wearing rubber gloves but was not taking any other measures to prevent cross-infection.

"The Inspector said that the Deputy Manager was in and out of the room and travelling elsewhere within the Home constantly and that the blood was widespread and some of it was still wet.

"She said that staff members were not “clued in” to the risk of cross-infection.”

Having heard the evidence, the panel decided that Mr Green’s fitness to practise was currently impaired because of serious misconduct.

Explaining its decision, the panel said: “Mr Green was an experienced care home manager. He has asserted in his written submissions that he has had a long and successful career in social care and he has not said that he did not know how to put things right.

The Leader has contacted Summit Care Services Limited’s head office in Liverpool and the Ty Brian care home in Wrexham for comment.