A HORSE that was impaled on a fence in Holywell after allegedly being spooked by fireworks has died.

The Leader previously reported that the horse, named Harry, was in a field in Holywell when he bolted and attempted to flee after it was thought fireworks set off on November 2 had spooked him.

His leg then became impaled on a fence post in a hedge at Bryn Celyn.

In a post made on the GoFundMe page set up on behalf of Harry’s ‘heartbroken’ owner, Laura Ridings – which has raised hundreds of pounds to help cover the costs of vet bills and rehabilitation - Zoe Griffiths told those who supported the six-year-old following his tragic ordeal that he had died on November 28.

Zoe said: “His owner Laura is heartbroken but takes comfort in knowing she gave him the best chance.

“Laura would like to thank everyone for their kind words and donations, we are continuing to fund raise, not just through go fund me but also organising events in the hope that we can continue to assist Laura with Harry's costings and anything left over will be going towards others who struggle to pay large vet bills.”

At the time, local livery owner Lily Roberts, who was also present at the initial rescue, said: “There were two fireworks that went off at 12.30am that literally shook our house - we think it's them that would have spooked Harry.

"He had crushed the hedge and we had to cut the hedge around him. It was just horrible. I had never seen anything like this before.

"I want to see laws around the purchasing of fireworks tightened, whether it be changing the law so that a license is required to buy them or only allow them to be used during organised displays.”

Laura will continue with fundraising events in memory of Harry to celebrate his life and campaign for the responsible use of fireworks around animals.