A police officer has penned his own version of a classic Christmas song.

PC Ford, who works for North Wales Police, has re-written the traditional lyrics to the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ tune with many references to his day-to-day life as an officer.

The tune replaces the usual twelve drummers drumming (and additional gifts) for common police-themed courtesy of PC Ford’s sergeant, from twelve 12-hour shifts and seven sirens wailing to four tricky frauds and two dirty mugs.

He concludes with a quick ‘Merry Christmas’ and reminds people to drink responsibly during the festive season.

The Leader:

PC Ford plays his festive tune. Picture: North Wales Police

North Wales Police shared PC Ford's musical number on their social media page which has since gone viral with more than 200 shares and hundreds of comments.

The force posted the clip with the caption: "Bravo PC Ford, bravo. Policing is tough so here’s some Christmas joy for you to hear. An alternative take on the ‘12 Days of Christmas’. You’re welcome."

Dozens had their say on Ford’s rework of a Christmas classic, branding the four-minute clip as ‘brilliant’, ‘wonderful’ and ‘fantastic’.

Helen Jones said: “Happy Christmas to our wonderful police force you do an amazing job. Loved the video.”

Linda Crowther added: “Absolutely wonderful, should take part on Britain's got Talent.”

Lisa Owen said: “What a star! Da Iawn PC Ford!!”