RESIDENTS of a quiet Wrexham street had a shock when a flock of 80 sheep turned their cul-de-sac into a wool-de-sac today.

The sheep wandered into Green Park, Erddig, at about 3pm today (Monday, December 2).

Twitter user Kayleigh Freeman took a pictured of the lost sheep as they shuffled through gardens, munching on lawns and garden plants.

The Leader:

Photos: Kayleigh Freeman

Kayleigh counted about 80 sheep (and fortunately managed not to fall asleep).

After tweeting this photo with the hashtag #onlyinwales, she said: "About 80 sleep loose in Green Park. Police are here now trying to locate the owner.

She added: "Managed to heard them into a dead end but they’ve eaten lots of the neighbours plants and bushes.

The Leader:

Residents worked together to stop the sheep escaping from the estate.

A spokesman for North Wales Police confirmed that officers attended and made contact with the owner of the sheep.

The farmer gets the flock out of there

Within about half an hour the farmer arrived and the sheep were on their way back to pastures familiar.