A SUCCESSFUL operation aiming to crack down on drug use will be repeated, police officers confirm.

Members of the South Flintshire policing team launched Operation Panther which saw sniffer dogs attend 15 pubs in the district.

The operation, in partnership with dog detection company Wage Tails aimed to crack down on drug use in licensed premises after receiving complaints at pub watch meetings.

Natalie Williams, of North Wales Police, said: "Following concerns expresses via pub watch meetings by licensees we undertook a drugs dog operation.

"The licensees didn't know. They had raised concerns in earlier pub watch meetings.

"It was running the dog through and when they indicate any person, that is sufficient enough to have a conversation an search under the misuse of drugs act.

"We searched 15 pubs in total and had positive indications in three pubs. The suspects have been dealt with since.

"It was warmly received by licensees and by customers. It was successful and we do appreciate the help and assistance.

"The biggest thing for me was that it was so warmly received by everyone. It was great to get out there and be seen in a positive light.

"It is a success that we will be repeating. The good work will continue in the future."

Anyone with information or concerns can contact North Wales Police via 101 or the live webchat service.