A WORLD kickboxing champion visited Wrexham to deliver an 'amazing life story driven on heart and desire'.

Actor Lee Charles was welcomed to Brickfield Rangers FC to meet the Pre-Apprentice Learners as part of their confidence and motivation building programme.

Andrew Ruscoe said it was an honour to welcome Mr Charles.

The Leader:

He added: "He delivered an amazing life story driven on heart and desire.

"Lee was outstanding as he talked to the students about his early life, the different job roles he has experienced and the rise of his movie career thanks to his world kickboxing championships.

"Our students are working hard to obtain Apprenticeships within local schools where they will be inspiring the next younger generation.

The Leader:

"We feel it is important to introduce them to inspiring people like Lee as they have so much valuable transferable life skills that society needs such as heart, desire, work ethic and a strong will to achieve success.

"Hopefully these visits will empower our students to start thinking about themselves in a more holistic way so that they can achieve success in all walks of life."

One student added: "It was really interesting and inspiring. Lee’s life story has taught us lots of fundamental life attributes such as never giving up and to take all the opportunities we can in life."

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