A MAN was tied up, beaten and burgled after making arrangements for a sexual encounter via a male dating app.

Using the dating app Fab Guys, the man had agreed to leave his front door open, allowing the attacker to come into his bedroom, where he tied him up and violently attacked him on October 15.

James Christopher Evans, 24, of Bryn Gwenfro, Tanyfron had already admitted to burglary with violence and assault at an earlier hearing as he was jailed for four years at Mold Crown Court.

During a struggle he beat up his vulnerable victim, who lost two front teeth and suffered other injuries. The victim was so frightened that he jumped out of a first floor window in his underwear, injuring his knee, before seeking help from a neighbour at 5.30am.

Prosecutor David Mainstone said that the prosecution had made the difficult decision to proceed without the evidence of the complainant and how the case would not have been possible without the frank admission of the defendant.

The court heard how Evans had identified his victim as vulnerable; a man who had advertised for company on a site for gay men, making arrangements for a one night stand.

Evans, who wore gloves and had his face covered initially held his victim in a head lock and then in a choke hold which restricted his breathing. Evans left the property having stolen a mobile phone and keys before taking his motorcycle from outside. The motorcycle was sold and the money used to buy drugs.

Evans told how he had no intention to go through with the sexual encounter and how instead he planned to steal from someone who would be particularly vulnerable.

Paul Abraham, defending, said they were an unusual set of circumstances, with elements of planning.

It was relatively on the spur of the moment. He had not given adequate thought to what he was doing.

Evans accepted full responsibility for his actions and made frank admissions.

Evans had previous convictions for violence but would receive a one third discount in sentence for his early guilty pleas.