The chairman of a community council in the Ceiriog Valley has raised deep concerns regarding potential cuts to funding for road repairs across the county.

Councillor Jonathan Greatorex, chairman of the Ceiriog Uchaf Community Council, has raised his concerns after Wrexham County Borough Council’s (WCBC) budget consultation is reviewing areas of its expenditure for the upcoming year.

With consultations ongoing, Cllr Greatorex fears that if funding for roads is cut by 10 per cent, the Ceiriog Valley area may be left with roads in a state of disrepair.

“It’s something that really, deeply concerns me,” he said.

“Here in the Ceiriog Valley, we are really very much out on a limb – the roads are our main arteries; for emergency services and for day to day life.

“The state of the roads between here and Oswestry is, and has been for a number of years, of an appalling state of disrepair.

“To hear they could potentially be cutting the funding back for roads by 10 per cent, it makes one wonder in our case what 10 per cent of nothing is.”

Cllr Greatorex also believes more needs to be done to help areas like the Ceiriog Valley, but fears most of the council’s funding is spent in Wrexham town centre.

With that in mind, councillors have invited WCBC members to a public meeting to discuss the issues.

He continued: “We want them to come and talk to us about what we need as a community.

“We want to have an open discussion, but as of yet I’ve not had a response.

“It’s not all bad, they’re very good with the gritters here at keeping the roads open, but it seems to me as though the majority of the money they have is being spent in the centre of Wrexham.

“A lot of the council’s resources seem too town centric, and I feel like us as a valley, can no longer afford to be ignored.”

If roads in the area do not have the required level of maintenance, Cllr Greatorex worries the tourism levels in the region may be affected.

He added: “We are in an area which is outstandingly beautiful – it really is a tourist destination here.

“Our restaurant at the Hand is the only Michelin Guide restaurant and the only AA Guide restaurant in the entire county borough.

“It’s something that Wrexham should be shouting about, but instead they don’t seem to do anything.

“More importantly, we need roads for people to access the area, and the roads as it stands are rubbish.

“A lot of local people rely on these roads to get to work, it’s absolutely essential.

“And without them, people can’t get here.

“We have two fabulous hotels here in Llanarmon, but if people can’t get to them, there’s a problem.

“A few weeks back, the main road into Llanarmon was closed by the council on behalf of Hafren Dyfrdry, which resulted in a 15-mile diversion for anyone who wanted to come here.

“There’s a total lack of understanding for our needs.”

A WCBC spokesman said: “Any cuts are part of the budget consultation, the responses of which are currently being analysed and any decisions are yet to be made.”