A FLINTSHIRE man has been sent to jail after carrying out a burglary at his family’s home.

Joshua Davies, 26, of Gorsedd, admitted to breaking into the wooden bungalow that had been built behind the main family home, a building that had been the dwelling of the defendants late grandfather.

Justin Espie, prosecuting, told Mold Magistrates Court how Davies had forced entry into the bungalow on November 13, most likely by using a large metal chisel, where once inside, he forced open a cash box with a knife and stole several items from it, including sentimental photographs of his father and grandfather.

Mr Espie explained how Davies’ grandfather had moved into the small wooden bungalow at the rear of the property after becoming ill.

He had recently passed away and the property had since been put on the market.

However, the relationship between father and son has been deteriorating due to Davies being “mired in drugs” and an argument took place in the days leading up to the incident.

After returning home from visiting another friend in hospital, Davies’ father found the bungalow had been broken into and discovered the large chisel on a table inside.

When he went inside the main house, Davies had also forced entry and caused criminal damage in what was described as “a rage incident” - smashing three electrical heaters, a chair and an X-Box console, among other items.

In a victim witness statement, his father said he was “fed up” with his sons behaviour and that he was worried to leave the house in case he returned to steal more things.

Emma Simoes, defending, said her client was not in a good place and suffered from profound mental health problems, including a diagnosed personality disorder.

She said the loss of his grandfather had hit him hard and was very upset by the distress he had caused his father.

Ms Simoes added, how Davies, who has been taking an un-prescribed amount of diazapam, just wanted to get out and “give his father a hug”.

The magistrates told Davies how it was “a very sad state of affairs” but added how the burglary of the house was a serious offence and the theft and damage caused resulted in a great sentimental loss.

Davies was sentenced to serve 26 weeks for the burglary and eight weeks for the criminal damage, which will run concurrently.

He must also pay a court surcharge of £122.