This walk is absolutely stunning. It takes in the Clwydian hills and an ancient hillfort with stunning scenery. Followed by farm tracks through woodland and begins and ends through a forest track. It has everything from beautiful views with peaceful hills covered in purple when the heather is in flower to quiet tracks through the woods.

Challenging: 4.8 miles to 2hrs 15min

The Walk

1. From the car park take the fourth gate on the right and up hill for a short distance until you reach the path on the right. This is part of

the Offa's Dyke long distance path and inclines along the edge of the forest, becoming steep in places as it cuts through the hillside.The path flattens out and once out of the shade of the trees the views are stunning across the hills.

You will pass a grassy track on the left, continue forward where you will see a steeper incline. At the top of this incline you will see exposed rock and a stile on your right. Go over the stile where your dog can go through the lift gate. There may be sheep about so dogs on leads or under close control.

Continue along this path near to the fence line at first, looking out for the waymarkers for Offa's Dyke path.You will have the exposed rock to your right. The path is obvious most of the way here as it has short turf where many walkers have travelled.

Proceed uphill where it will move away from the fence and more towards the middle of the hill. There are stunning views to your left and

behind. Behind you will see the peaks of the hills known as the Clwydians.

2. As you reach a plateau, if you look right you can see a large quarry on Halkyn mountain and Liverpool is beyond that.

Continue forward and where two tracks meet ignore the track on the right. If you look left here on a clear day you can see across to the

mountain peaks of Snowdonia.

Continue on the grassy track between the heather ignoring any small paths and following the many way markers. There is water and a

place to cool off for your dog on the right just before the steep incline.

Once at the top of the incline you will see a stone monument, know as 'The Boulder', this is Penycloddiau Hill Fort. Continue ahead and to the right and just before the way marker you can see clear evidence of the ramparts up close.

Follow the steps which are made of oak and local stone down between the ramparts. At the bottom of the steps on the left your dog will find water.

Continue on the decline towards another stile. Go over the stile, and proceed down hill for some way.

You will soon be walking along a fence line on your right and heading for a row of pine trees ahead.

Once you have reached the trees you should see a track at the bottom of the hill. This is a byway and although very quiet you may come

across other users such as vehicles, horses or cyclists. Once on the byway go left.

3. This path cuts along the hillside with views to your right of the Vale of Clywd and Snowdonia in the distance. In parts you will have fences either side and some old mature hawthorn trees that are the remains of old hedgerows.This path is mostly flat and passes through a series of gates.

You will come to a right turn, ignore this and keep going straight on. After the second gate and after the old remnants of a hedgerow the

path will open up where you will be walking in the middle of the field, cutting across the hillside. Keep on track and once through the third gate the track will become clear again. The area will now become more wooded in places and there will be a few sharp bends in the


4. You will come to a fork on the path where it splits in two. Take the higher path on the left where ahead you will see a small wooden gate, ignoring the path right through the larger vehicle gate.

Once through the gate into the forest the path will ascend for some distance becoming narrower in places. There are views into the valley on your right. The path will go out of the forest cutting along the hillside and opening up a little. Here just before the horseshoe like bend

your dog will find water on the left.

The path will go back into the forest and once it levels out it will stay flat for the rest of the way back to the car park.

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