A TOWN council has praised a ‘brilliant scheme’ after initial fears of increasing unwanted behaviour.

The Leader previously reported that as part of the tree planting scheme in Connah’s Quay, councillors raised concerns over whether planting them in certain areas would increase criminal activity.

At their monthly meeting members received an update on the Tree Planting and Wildflower sites

Cllr Ian Dunbar said: “It’s gone very well, the trees they have put up are very good. They are long lasting; they are quite mature because we made that catastrophe at Central Park when we put saplings there.

“They have learnt their lesson. Where they have done it’s to help with the oxygen levels and they have spread them out so there’s no fear of any unwantedness.”

Concerns were originally made about planting trees on Dock Road and the Rock cycle path junction due to the current drug problems and these concerns were fed back to Flintshire Council.

Members were informed that a site visit was arranged with North Wales Police and the ranger service and reassurances were given that the proposed planting would ‘not add to the existing issues in the areas’ and North Wales Police officers were ‘comfortable with the type and location of the trees’.

Cllr Dunbar added: “We have got to improve the area for local residents, it’s quite a good scheme.”

At the October meeting, concerns were also raised over the Laburnun tree having poisonous pods and after clarification, Flintshire Council confirmed the pods were poisonous and an alternative species will be sought.

Cllr Nathan Jones said: “It’s a brilliant scheme. Very well done to whoever on the council said the Laburnun pods are poisonous.

“It would be very bad if someone became ill, that would have had very bad press coverage for the council.”