A MAN who beat cancer last year now has 12 months to live without a stem cell transplant.

Sarah Davies is urging people to become a stem cell donor, which is a small process that can save the lives of many, including her husband Matt.

Matt, from Buckley, was diagnosed with cancer last year and beat it, however less than eight months later – after having his three-monthly routine bone marrow results – he was told the leukaemia was back and his only option was a stem cell transplant.

Without it, he would not be here in the next 12 months.

Wife Sarah told the Leader: “Obviously, we were absolutely devastated and felt very naive, because of how well Matt responded to his first four rounds of chemo and going into remission we thought that would be the last of it.

“It’s a big wake up call, he did so well the first time around after four intense chemo sessions he was really poorly, but he coped with it well.

“We went back to reality; he went back to full time work but this time we have been told the process is longer and there are more fatal side effects. It’s a long term worry now.”

Sarah said they have not told their young children that ‘the bug is back’ but it is likely Matt will spend Christmas in the Christie in Manchester.

They are urging people to sign up to the register to help save a life.

She added: “Myself and Matt know this has to be done and are really nervous and hoping everything goes to plan. We are raising as much awareness for stem cell donors as possible, unfortunately it's not talked about as much as it should be, and many donors are from Germany or America.

“If you could put yourself in our shoes, we have two young children. He has gone through cancer and beat it and we thought it was the end of the story but now it’s come back.

“People have got this perception that it’s a big operation but all they do is swab your mouth and then you’re on the register. You could get a call in the future if you’re a match and it’s just like giving blood.

“This is the only thing that will save him. We’ve had loads of friends who have signed up already, so we have had a good response.

“We are quite vocal about it, people think we are weird for posting it on social media but we are trying to raise awareness.

“It’s a small thing to put a swab around your mouth, such a little thing that will save a life.”

A cake sale will also be held at the White Lion on Sunday, November 11 between 1pm and 4pm to raise funds for the hospital where Matt has been receiving his treatment.

Those wishing to see if they are eligible to be a stem cell donor can do so online at www.dkms.org.uk.

Matt’s journey can also be followed via Facebook and Instagram page team_davies_.