A SPOOK-TACULAR amount of money has been raised from the return of a popular Halloween attraction to Wrexham.

Paula and Dave Pritchard have been decorating their Salop Road home with Halloween decorations for as long as they can remember.

What started out as a few pumpkins and decorations in the front garden gradually built up over the past decade to a full-scale haunted house trail – complete with live actors ready to give those brave enough to enter the fright of their life.

For the past four years, the family have opened up their house of horrors in aid of a good local cause and raised a massive amount for charity.

Paula, who is a staff nurse at Nightingale House Hospice, arranges the Halloween House.

She told the Leader: “The Halloween house event was very successful we raised £2725 and in the last four years we have raised £8425. Thank you to all the companies of Wrexham and Chester for their fabulous raffle prizes and auction prizes.

“Thanks to all the donations of cakes Thanks to the local community for attending our event and being so generous. A huge thanks to my family, in particular my parents that are unsung heroes. They work so hard for this event which takes a lot time, money and effort.

“A big thanks to my friends and Nightingale House family for helping me to bring this unique event to life from facilities to making me a throne and helping with the marquees. To all the nurses, health carers, doctors, social workers, office staff, housekeepers and all my friends that act and help on the night. Also, thanks to the local residents of the estate who allow us to utilise the car park spaces which are assigned to their houses.”

Paula said that the money will make a major difference to Nightingale House Hospice that relay on the kindness of charitable donations to stay open.

She adds: “It really is such a wonderfully caring place that I feel very privileged and honoured to work there.”