SCOUT groups from across Flintshire have been showing their respect by producing a number of remembrance displays.

Mynydd Isa Scouts have produced a display, currently on show at Caffi Isa, which is made up of several crosses bearing the name, rank and age of death of soldiers who lived locally to the area.

Alongside their display there are some pebbles which were painted by the Beaver Scouts, and are available for a donation towards the British Legion.

Bistre Scouts have put up their display for the second year. The Scouts made a drooping poppy display made from the bottom of plastic bottles, which is attached to the outside of their Scout Hut and has been well received by locals.

Group Scout Leader Tamsin Jayne Harrison Royle said: “It all came about last year when I wanted to do something for Remembrance Day, I drafted up a drawing and myself and the other leaders worked out how we could produce it.

"All the children in the group helped paint the plastic bottles and the leaders put it together. Last year members of the public were stopping at the Scout hut to take pictures of the display and the response on social media was amazing which is why we decided to put it up again this year."