A FLINTSHIRE drug addict who threatened to stab police officers in the eyes with needles “so they’d get AIDS” has been jailed.

Mold Magistrates Court heard how Simon Ian Lee Calvert, 45, also threw several planks of wood down the stairs of his home after police officers had forced entry in an attempt to locate the defendants brother Pepe, who was later found to be hiding in the loft.

Rhian Jackson, prosecuting, told the court that officers arrived at an address at Meadowbank in Holywell in search of Giuseppe “Pepe” Calvert and after knocking on the door of the property nobody came forward. However, after officers observed dogs in the rear yard of the home being taken inside, it led them to suspect someone was home so they forced entry.

Ms Jackson went on to say that despite shouting a warning as they entered, Calvert shouted back at them from the top of the stairs “You b******s, you’ve kicked my door in!” before he began to throw several wooden slats from a bunk bed down the stairs, which hit the front door with force.

Despite trying their best to reason with Calvert, officers eventually took refuge in the living room of the house and called for support after he made further threats to bite anyone who came up the stairs and shouting that he would “fight them all”.

After 10 minutes, support arrived and after officers showed Calvert their badges and the fact they had a warrant to search the address went upstairs, where a struggle ensued as officers tried to place Calvert in handcuffs, with him lunging at one officers and shouting “come on, let’s all fall down the stairs.” As he was being led down the stairs, Calvert kicked PC Luke Patterson and before he could be escorted to a waiting police van, managed to lurch out at a passing car, forcing it to stop, before he headbutted the vehicle several times.

Ms Jackson went on to say how after being arrested, Calvert then spat at Sgt Richard Waites between the bars of the cell door, which had left the officer feeling “disgusted”.

Calvert had been convicted of the offences at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Thursday, October 31, with sentencing delayed while a pre-sentence report was carried out by the probation services. Probation officer Andrew Connah said Calvert took partial responsibility for what had happened after admitting to being woken up in a confused state and wasn’t aware the people in his house were police officers. He went on to say that he very much regretted his actions that day and although his brother Pepe had been found in the loft of the house, denied any knowledge of him being there.

Mr Connah went on to say how Calvert had been a drug addict for around 30 years, but had been staying off illegal drugs since being prescribed with a morphine script. He told the court Calvert was worried that a return to prison would mean his two Jack Russell dogs wouldn’t be looked after and he would lose his housing association property.

Gary Harvey, defending, said Calvert had been hospitalised as a result of the injuries sustained in the incident, including losing several teeth, while those suffered by the police officers had been very light in comparison. However, he said Calvert now admits he wished he could turn the clock back and that he would have reacted differently if given the chance.

District Judge Gwyn Jones told Calvert immediate access by the Police officers that day had been necessary, but they were instead faced with someone being obstructive and abusive. He said the incident had been aggravated by the wood being thrown and the threat to use needles on officers.

He said it was clear Calvert had subjected one officer to unlawful force and banging his head on the passing car and spitting at another officer had only “made things worse” with the incident being so serious, only immediate custody was justified.

Calvert was sentenced to serve 26 weeks for the assault of PC Luke Patterson, 10 weeks for spitting on Sgt Richard Waites and 10 for the assault on PC Gareth Williams, will all sentences running consecutively, meaning a total of 46 weeks behind bars.