A TOWN council has been warned to face a ‘spike’ in owners failing to pick up after their dogs during the darker nights.

Shotton councillors were told at their monthly meeting that it is a problem that increases after the clocks go back.

Wayne Jones from Streetscene said: “The clocks have gone back so we will get a spike in it.

“Every year we have this conversation when the clocks go back. Enforcement can’t do any more. If you give us times and information, we will have [enforcement officers] there in their own clothes.”

The Leader previously reported dog fouling incidents at St Ethelwolds primary school which left children ‘humiliated’ when they stepped in it.

Cllr Ron Davies told members that extra signs have been put up in the area and will be patrolled by enforcement officers.

He said: “Hopefully, fingers crossed it will go away. I’m not overly confident. I’m making another plea now to please pick your dog fouling up or report it.”

Cllr Mike Evans added: “Walking around on Sunday, the amount of dog fouling on pavements was unbelievable. I lost count.

“As soon as I came out of my house I started counting. It’s like the Krypton Factor. Butler Street in particular is unbelievable.

“I used to play in the ally when I was a kid, we all did, but you can’t do that now. Will the camera pick it up?”

Wayne Jones said the camera will pick them up but will not do much good if it is just the dog that is being let out into the alleyway.

Cllr Evans said: “It’s a problem chair. It’s disgusting, we need to get on top of it. I’m a dog owner and I pick it up.”

However, Cllr Ron Davies raised the question of how councillors get on top of it.

At their monthly meeting, Wayne Jones and the Streetscene team were praised for their work in the community.

But concerns were also raised over the level of bin bags near Crystal Bingo with Cllr Mike Evans saying it was ‘unbelievable’ and an ‘absolute disgrace’.

Mr Jones confirmed the situation was ‘in hand’ and officers were talking to surrounding businesses.