ACTION has been taken to prevent anti-social behaviour near a town's railway station.

Shotton councillors Sean Bibby and David Evans recently attended a site meeting with officers from Network Rail, a fencing contractor and Streetscene operatives to see what could be done to clear the area.

An area adjacent to the Railway Embankment has been a hotspot of persistent anti-social behaviour, drinking and suspected drug use.

Councillors say this has caused a lot of concern and distress to residents in The Brambles and Pippins Close.

Concerns have also been raised about inadequate fencing, consisting of post and wire, many residents have feared that is easy to trespass on to the Railway especially from children.

Cllr Sean Bibby said: "I am very pleased with constructive site visit with Officers from Network Rail and a Fencing Contractor at Charmleys Lane/The Brambles and now to receive a start date of installation on Monday morning (November 11).

"There have been a lot of concerns from residents regarding persistent antisocial behaviour and drug use here. I am thankful this area is now being securely fenced off along with the railway embankment preventing trespass.

"I’d like to thank Flintshire Streetscene operatives of clearing the area of litter and drug paraphernalia promptly and would all residents to continue reporting any activity to the Police."

Cllr David Evans added: "I would like to thank Network Rail for their great efforts and consideration to the health and safety of residents in the Shotton Area."