THE death of a holidaymaker from Wrexham who plunged into a courtyard at a Spanish resort could have been prevented.

Tomas Owen Hughes fell over a low wall after straying into the Eden Roc apartment complex in Magaluf as he made his way back to his room at the nearby Florida Universal Hotel on June 3 last year.

The 20-year-old became separated from his friend after an early morning drinking session and Spanish police said that he would have been “totally disorientated” at the time.

A Wrexham hearing was told Tom died of a head injury as a result of the fall and Coroner for North Wales (East and Central) John Gittins ruled his death was accidental.

But he also declared: “It is clear to me that the most significant feature is the state and condition of the premises Tomos gained access to that night.

“It is most relevant that the wall was the determining factor and the reason for this young man’s death.”

Two other British holidaymakers, Tom Channon and Natalie Cormack, fell to their deaths at the same apartment block last year. While the inquest did not hear how they died, it was told that “rectification work” has since been undertaken at the apartments.

Tom’s body was found in a landscaped area beneath the low wall by a neighbour of the complex.

In a statement, Tom’s friend, Josh Roberts, told how the pair went out drinking in the resort, meeting up with some friends from Wrexham who were staying at another hotel.

“We went to a sports bar. Tom was more drunk than me because he had been drinking shorts and spirits. Then we went to another bar but we got separated as I was helping someone who not feeling so good,” said his friend.

“We met up again, but between 4 and 5am I wasn’t sure where Tom was and I went back to our room.”

He told how when he woke up in the morning and phoned Tom’s mobile phone it was answered by a police officer who told him to meet him in the reception.

“He told me Tom was dead, it was quite brutal really,” said his friend who noticed Tom’s phone had been smashed when he was asked to identify him.

He added: “Tom was careful with his drinking and it was difficult to see how his drinks could have been spiked. He was never into drugs or anything like that and I am sure he would not have taken anything.”

Toxicology reports showed the 20-year-old had not taken any drugs but the reading for his level of alcohol in blood was high at 2.45 (per cent). Levels of 0.9 to 2.5 are reported to affect judgement and increase a person's reaction time.

An investigation carried out by police in the Majorcan resort concluded there was no evidence of foul play.

They said the holidaymaker fell into a landscaped area separated from the main courtyard.

A police statement said: “He was totally disorientated, the wall was low and he plunged into the courtyard.”

A post-mortem found the cause of death was cardio-respiratory arrest and bleeding within the brain as a result of the head injury sustained.

Tom’s mother, Sharon Hughes, told how her son had gained work as a leisure supervisor after studying sports science at Coleg Cambria.

“He was a very fit and active young man and an excellent swimmer. He was interested in World War I and WWII memorabilia.

“He loved life and lived life to the full and we miss him very much.”