WITH the next Swop Shop event taking place in Wrexham on November 9, organisers hope that their second event will be another success.

Organisers, the Wrexham Clothing Exchange, expressed their joy after the overwhelming success of their first swop shop, which was officially opened by MP Ian Lucas on October 12, with Wrexham Mayor, Rob Walsh, also in attendance

Wrexham Clothing Exchange founder, Sharon Rogers, said: “The first event was a tremendous success and was the first monthly clothing exchange in Wales and Wrexham.

“We had over 125 participants coming through our doors, over 700 garments were swapped and we have over 1,000 items of stock ready for the next event.

“The next event is this Saturday starting 12pm at the Wrexham Enterprise Hub and entry is £3.”

One swapper, Lula Shamans, said: “I love the social aspect, it felt a treat, lovely clothes, great atmosphere and you feel you are doing something positive, changing habits.

“I really enjoyed it.

“Plus, I saw old acquaintances I had not seen in over 15 years.

“It was a great atmosphere - a real community feel.

“Da iawn to all the organisers and volunteers.”

Another swapper, Yvonne Ankers, said: “I loved that there’s such a mix of clothes to look through - things you might not normally consider straight away, and there really is something for all shapes and sizes.

“And getting something essentially for nothing is always a winner.

“Thanks to the organisers and volunteers, it was fabulous.”

When asked what motivated them to become a volunteer at the event, Bobbi Cockcroft, said: “I got involved because I absolutely love clothes, I’ve always preferred good quality used items to poor quality new items that are usually made in sweat shops, by children younger than mine.

“I’d not considered the impact on the environment but of course that quickly became a driving factor.

“I also love being me, I’m an individual and like to dress as such.

“The identikit displays on the high street are boring and do not inspire me.

“I met a load of really cool people, and that’s probably even better than the awesome new coat I got.”

For further information regarding the Swop Shop event, visit wrexhamclothingexchange@gmail.com .