Owner: Carol and Tony Wood

Business: Gemania Jewellers

Location: Unit 7C, Indoor Market, Daniel Owen Precinct, Mold

Email: gemania.jewels@gmail.com

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 9.30am - 4.30pm

When did you open and why?

Carol - We've been established since 2015 and have had a previous unit in this market.

However we've been operating within unit 7C since 2017.

I've always had a passion for real gems, which is where the name for our business came from (I'm 'mania' about gems).

We wanted to be a jewellers with a difference, who sell traditional gold and silver items, as well as gem stones, but also sell rarer gems such as tanzanite.

Me and my husband used to do frequent appearances with our products at events such as the Llangollen Eisteddfod, but due to weather issues and inquiries from a lot of people asking us whether we had a base, the idea to set up a physical business made sense.

My dad is a clock repairer and has an outlet in Chester and my mum used to have a stall herself, so in a way it runs in my family."

What's your most memorable/proudest moment in business? Tony - Probably opening the unit itself within the Indoor Market, as Carol had her eye on unit 7C for a long time.

Have you had any strange requests/quirky suggestions or stories from customers? Carol - Nothing strange as of yet but we do have a number of fabulous customers who have become our friends.

There is a woman who brings in curry for us every two weeks without fail and there is another customer, named Wendy, who has made us two handmade teddies which we adore.