A MOTHER from Wrexham has spoken of her joy at being able to celebrate her daughter’s second birthday on November 6, despite being told by doctors to prepare for the worst after she was born.

Emma Crofts, 32, from Brymbo, expressed how despite her day-to-day struggles with caring for her young daughter, Ella, who has cerebral palsy, little moments that most take for granted mean the most to her.

She said: “Ella is just amazing.

“Doctors at the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool told us three times to prepare for the worst after she suffered from two serious seizures, one whilst being transported there and the other whilst there itself.

“As well as discovering that Ella had cerebral palsy after her birth, we also found out that she suffered from arthrosis in her hips and legs, and had multiple organ failure in both her liver and one of her kidneys.

“We lived in Alder Hey for four months and spent another two months at Wrexham Maelor Hospital

“Just being in our own home with all of our surroundings and celebrating her second birthday is just magical.”

Prior to giving birth to Ella, Ms Crofts was not aware of any health complications which came as a huge shock to her and her partner, Darren Evans.

She added: “After giving birth, me and Ella were both in a critical condition.

“It was touch and go for the both of us and I couldn’t even hold her for three months.

“I missed that mother bond with her so much during that time but I’ve definitely made up with that now.”

Ms Crofts and Ella’s dad, Darren, are both full time carers to their little girl, as well as being parents to their seven-year-old other daughter, Ellie.

Ms Crofts expressed her hopes that by Ella reaching her second birthday, other parents who have disabled children will find comfort in the fact that despite it being difficult there is still hope to be had.

She added: “If I said it was easy then I would be lying.

“It’s extremely hard work as Ella isn’t independent due to her being unable to walk, sit up, crawl, speak and feed herself.

“Me and her dad have to feed her every day through PEG feeding, as well as giving her physio too.

“Before Ella was born, I must admit that I didn’t know much about looking after a disabled child but it has definitely been a learning curve, as now I’m trained in both CPR and PEG feeding.

“I suffer from PTSD and it is sometimes a struggle every day, but I’m her mum so I just crack on with it.

“It does get lonely, as this is my life 24/7 and some weeks, the only place I go is to the supermarket.

“But with all that Ella has been through and somehow she still manages to be such a tough cookie, then I must be one too.”

Despite nearly reaching her second birthday, Ms Crofts states that as Ella gets older, her health conditions are likely to worsen.

She explained: “Her liver has repaired now but her kidney is not as good as it should be.

“As Ella is getting older, she’s becoming more aware of what is going on and there have been times when her older sister, Ellie, has been playing and she just wanted to join in.

“It does sadden me to know that she will not have as ‘normal’ a childhood as others, but she’s a right little character and we couldn’t be more proud of her.”