A DONER meat production company has resubmitted plans to create a new chicken processing plant in Wrexham despite the original scheme being thrown out amid road safety concerns.

Armon Limited has an existing manufacturing facility on the Five Crosses Industrial Estate in Minera and earlier this year it launched a bid to open a new site to process chicken meat next door.

The proposals were refused by Wrexham Council in August as officers raised fears about the safety of the proposed new access road because of “indiscriminate parking” nearby.

However, a revised submission has now been put forward by the firm in an attempt to overcome the issues after it held talks with highways officials.

The family behind the business is said to have founded one of the first kebab takeaways in North Wales during the 1980s and representatives said the plans to convert an old building on the estate would allow it to grow.

The alterred documents outline details of a new off road parking bay to tackle the problems highlighted by the local authority.

In a planning statement, representatives said: “Armond Ltd is a well-established quality supplier of meat products and has gradually grown in size over the years.

“This application seeks to provide additional accommodation adjacent to the current business premises by developing a vacant site previously owned by the Gas Utility Company.

“The proposals will enable Armon to expand their business and add diversity to its product line with the introduction of a chicken processing facility.

“The site is an awkward one, with parking and traffic flows being problematic.

“The design of the proposals seeks to overcome these issues as best as the site and surrounding areas constraints will allow.”

A new driveway and access point has been proposed to try and alleviate traffic issues.

The company said discussions with the council’s highways department had resulted in plans for the existing access route to be closed off.

It added that special equipment would be used to prevent noise or smell from the facility from affecting neighbours.

The proposals will be considered by the council at a later date.