A TEENAGER kicked a police officer repeatedly as she was being arrested in Wrexham, a court heard.

Saskia Wood was ordered to pay PC Angela Faulkener £500 compensation and told to complete 100 hours of unpaid work after North East Wales Magistrates’ Court heard how she had lashed out at the officer in Yorke Street in the town centre on the evening of October 7 (this year).

Wood, 19, was restrained by her mother after flying into a rage because she thought the police should have been arresting a man she claimed had attacked her boyfriend.

She kicked out at the officer and called her a “rat”.

Wood’s mother was heard to say: “She is so drunk, this is not like her.”

District Judge Gwyn Jones told Wood: “The courts take seriously offences against police officers carrying out their duties in difficult circumstances.

“You were significantly under the influence of alcohol and your mother had difficulty in attempting to reason with you.

“You vented your anger at the officer and you kicked her more than once.”

Prosecutor Rhian Jackson said PC Faulknener was responding to reports of a disturbance on Yorke Street and CCTV operators directed her towards a bare-chested man who had sustained a cut to his back.

When she wound down the patrol car window Wood appeared and started shouting.

“The officer told her stop shouting and swearing. She was being held back by her mother and she was warned about her behaviour,” said the prosecutor.

“But she became more irate and was straining against her mother. She kicked out with her right leg as she was being handcuffed.

“She exploded into a rage and kicked the officer three times to the left knee.”

Eventually, Wood was brought to the ground, but was still lashing out at the officer.

She told the PC: “Get off me, you f…ing rat”.

The officer sustained a swollen left knee in the attack.

Wood said she was angry because her boyfriend was attacked by another man and when the police turned up “they did not want to arrest him”.

Probation officer Andrew Connah told the court that Wood suffered from a liver condition and didn’t usually drink.

Alun Williams, defending, said: “Her mother had been called out because of concerns about her (the defendant’s) welfare, but she didn’t get there in time.

“The alcohol had a profound effect on her.”

The solicitor said Wood had written a letter of apology to the officer.

Wood, of Jubilee Court, Whitchurch, Shropshire admitted assaulting an emergency worker by beating as well as threatening behaviour.

She was placed under a 12-month community order and a 12-week curfew from 7pm to 6am.

She also has pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £90.