A POPULAR television series has inspired a Flintshire school to continue reducing their plastic footprint.

Argoed High School in Mold is into its second year of their Water Bottle Project, a campaign they started in 2018 following the success of Sir David Attenborough's Blue Planet II series, which highlighted the negative impact on plastic on our environment.

And as part of the Water Bottle Project, Excell Supply Limited - an education recruitment agency - have once again donated more than 100 unique refillable water bottles to students.

In the same way as this time last year, Excell Supply has gone into Argoed High to officially offer 120 water bottles - bearing both logos - to every Year 7 pupil.

Paul Smith, headteacher at Argoed High, said: "We began the Water Bottle Project last year in an effort to reduce our plastic waste and it has proved hugely successful with the help of our sponsors.

"Excell Supply has supported us from the beginning and have helped us again this year by donating refillable water bottles to our Year 7 pupils.

"It all came about from David Attenborough's documentary, which really inspired the kids to reduce the amount of plastic waste we use.

"We then coupled that with our desire to keep children hydrated with water, while reducing our own plastic footprint to help protect the environment."

The school's examination officer, Christine Exford, was particularly influential in the implementation of the Water Bottle Project.

She said: "I have campaigned to reduce our plastic waste over the last few years.

"After watching Blue Planet II in 2018 and seeing the tragic effects of plastic pollution, I became increasingly aware of the amount of plastic waste, we as a school, produce.

"We immediately took the decision to stop providing plastic drinking cups for our students and I began looking for sponsors to provide students with refillable water bottles.

"This initiative captured the imagination of local businesses, some of whom have taken the opportunity to supply branded bottles for our year groups. Thanks to Milne Homes, Excell Supply, Elan Homes and New Directions, we supplied every pupil last year with a refillable water bottle.

"We were thrilled this year when Excell Supply Ltd agreed to sponsor our new Year 7 pupils, and I am delighted the Water Bottle Project has been so successful."

Argoed High School are now in talks with another local business who has offered its support to the initiative, while Welsh Water are expected to deliver assemblies to pupils as well as contribute water bottles in the near future.