Name: Emran Hussain, manager

Business: Ijazz Restaurant

Location: Egerton Street, Wrexham

Telephone / website: 01978 355344 /

Opening hours: 5pm-11pm Monday to Thursday, 5pm-11.30pm Friday to Sunday

When did you open and why? We recently celebrated our third birthday as a business after originally opening back on October 5, 2016. We chose to open Ijazz because we wanted to give people something different to what they're used to with Indian restaurants.

Why did you open in this location? Ultimately, we chose to open in Wrexham because we wanted to prove that we could offer a special and unique fine dining experience, even in a town with many Indian restaurants. Our location is very central, and that accessibility makes Ijazz ideal for a greater number of potential diners.

Tell us about your business/what do you sell? Along with what we do and how we do as staff members, our menu is what sets us apart from everybody else and other restaurants in the area.

As well as serving perfectly prepared traditional dishes in our five-star food hygiene rated restaurant (as of August 2019), we also offer more unique cuisines which have proven to be quite favourable to our customers. These include ostrich meat, lobster, duck, salmon, and monkfish.

We use locally sourced vegetables and Welsh reared meats from local butchers in our dishes, and all of our suppliers are from in or around the Wrexham area.

What's your most memorable/proudest moment in business? I'd say that our proudest moment in business was when we set up and first opened. Some people said that we wouldn't be successful there, but we've proved those doubters wrong.

We've worked hard since opening Ijazz in Wrexham, and when we won the award being named as the best restaurant in Wales (Asian Curry Awards, 2018), every single one of us was so proud.

We then followed that up by being named as the best Indian restaurant in North Wales too (Asian Restaurant and Takeaway Awards, 2019), which is just an incredible double achievement.

Have you had any strange requests/quirky suggestions or stories from customers?

Being a restaurant, we really don't have too many strange requests as such.

But the weirdest thing to happen in Ijazz was when a customer freaked out a little at seeing an ostrich-based dish on our menu. But we reassured her about the quality of our food, and everything turned out to be fine.