UNEXPLAINED happenings have been caught on camera at a Wrexham nightspot earlier this week.

Spooky CCTV footage has emerged from ATIK Wrexham, when it was closed, showing some scary supernatural activities.

Security camera footage taken on the early hours of Monday shows a sign falling to the floor and a bar stool thrown across the room, but with no culprit shown on camera.

Staff explained that the manager attended an alarm call and discovered some unexplained activity. When he later looked back on the CCTV recordings, he spotted some spooky goings on.

Matthew Evans, general manager at ATIK Wrexham said: “There’s been the odd rumour of weird things happening in the dark hours here, but we’ve never really taken them seriously.

"We’re well known for having a wide range of spirits on offer here, I just didn’t realise it included the spooky kind as well. I love this kind of thing, I’ll buy him or her a drink if it decides to return. I ain’t afraid of no ghost."

The venue is considering calling in paranormal experts to see if they can discover exactly what happened on Monday morning.