This is the scary moment a daredevil back-flipped into a lake - from the top of a 73ft cliff.

Adrenaline junkie Timmy Nettles, 31, pulled off the incredible stunt at an abandoned quarry in Snowdonia National Park, Wales.

Video footage shows him take a death-defying leap of faith from the top of a cliff as tall as a nine-story tower block.

Timmy, from Alfreton, Derbs., travels the country on the hunt for the biggest and best clifftops to dive off.

This latest leap of faith was Timmy’s highest ever cliff-jump and saw him plummet more than 22 meters through the air.

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Adrenaline junkie Timmy Nettles, 31, pulled off the incredible stunt at an abandoned quarry in Snowdonia National Park. Pictures, above and below: SWNS

A video of Timmy’s stunt shows how he took a running jump at the top of the quarry and back-flipped as he fell towards the lake below, on September 29.

Single Timmy admits he was scared before the jump but said when he was mid-flight he had a “surge of adrenaline”.

Timmy said: “This is the highest jump I’ve ever done by far.

“There is always an element of risk to every jump. I have to build myself up to each one and plan the jump in my head over and over again.

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“At this height you just can’t get it wrong because you could cause some serious damage to yourself.

“I do think about what if it goes wrong but I have confidence in myself that won’t happen.

“When you enter the water at such speed there is a hard impact and you have to brace yourself for it.”

Timmy took up cliff-jumping as an extreme hobby three years ago after watching stunts online.

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He started out jumping from 3ft, and has since included tricks in his jumps - including front-flips and even double back-flips.

He said he perfects his stunts by spending hours jumping off a diving board in the safety of an indoor pool.

While he admits his hobby is dangerous, Timmy said he carries out countless safety checks before even considering jumping from a height.

He said he and his mates spend time properly carrying out risk assessments of the jumping points, cliff faces and water depth and condition of the water below.

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Timmy said: “Just before I go I am always really confident and don’t panic.

“It’s like nothing else in the world matters, just what I have to do. I countdown from three in my head and just jump.

“They are calculated risks and only people who know what they are doing. We wear wetsuits to protect against cold water shock.

“Quarries can be very cold and cold water shock can be very dangerous for someone.

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“We do this in the safest possible way and have built up to this for years. I have put the training in.

“This isn’t reckless at all because I know what to do. I always plan out every jump and know how to limit the risks.

“But it can be dangerous if you don’t do it in the right way and this isn’t for everyone.”

Timmy has urged against unskilled divers attempting similar jumps and said he understands what is at stake if he makes an error.

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Timmy Nettles

But when he does pull off the perfect jump he said it’s an “amazing feeling”.

Timmy said: “To pull it off after weeks of planning is just amazing.

“It’s a feeling of freedom and is hard to put into words.

“It’s hard to describe. It's like a feeling of complete freedom and I feel as though I’m flying through the air.”