NORTH Wales Police are encouraging people to be vigilant if an offer appears ‘too good to be true’.

Officers warned of scammers in the North Flintshire area that are reported to be selling damaged TV’s and pocketing the cash.

A spokesman for the force said: “If someone is trying to sell you TV’s out of the back of a van asking for only £200 for a £2000 TV then it may be too good to be true. Now the detail could have been in the small print but one bargain hunter bought such a TV, only to unwrap the yards of Cellophane to find that the screen was smashed.

“That being said, we too like a cheeky bargain, so if you are approached by these “entrepreneurs” please be good people and share the wealth by calling our dedicated line 101 where one of customer service representatives will direct a member of our quality assurance team to make-sure everything’s in order.

“Incidentally, these retail tycoons have been visiting people’s homes and offering to sharpen knifes and tools for the very reasonable price of £1400.”