A WREXHAM Councillor has spoken of his anger after a community centre was vandalised for the fourth time this year.

Cllr Nigel Williams who represents Gwenfro took to social media to vent his frustration with vandals who once again targeted the New Broughton Community Centre on Bersham Road.

This time, curtains were ripped down, the inside of the building was trashed, and vandals have managed to cave a section of the wall in.

The Leader:

Cllr Nigel Williams discovered the vandalism on Wednesday morning, pictured above and below

Cllr Williams says these incidents have made him furious as he is not able to fathom why people are damaging the property for seemingly no reason.

He said: “This morning I was driving past and I noticed that the curtains had come off the windows, so I pulled over to have a look.

“As soon as I pulled up, I could see what had happened and I went around the side to find a great big hole in the side pf the building, how they’ve managed to cave in the wall I have no idea.

The Leader:

Cllr Nigel Williams discovered the vandalism on Wednesday morning

“Then I went in to find the curtains had been pulled off and the interior had just been generally trashed with doors off their hinges and mess everywhere.

“It makes me so angry because I can’t understand for the life of me why youths would do this. There doesn’t seem to be any reason whatsoever, it’s just mindless vandalism for vandalism sake.”

This is the fourth time that the community centre has been a target for vandalism in 2019, with the most recent incident coming in July.

The Leader:

Cllr Williams added that he is working with police to track down whoever is responsible.

He said: “There has been a bit of a spate of vandalism in recent months, and I’m working closely with the police and the housing department to find out who is responsible for this.

“These people don’t realise that if they get caught, they are risking their tenancy. Warning letters have been sent out, and as I say, I’m working closely with police to find out who is responsible for these continuous acts of mindless vandalism.”

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said: “We received a call at 10:07am to reports of criminal damage.

“Enquiries are currently ongoing.”