FARMERS have responded with anger and worry after a Wrexham dairy firm stopped taking their milk.

The Leader reported earlier today how the Farmers’ Union of Wales announced it is seeking urgent clarity on the reasons behind the decision by Tomlinsons Dairies to refuse milk.

FUW Vice President Eifion Huws said the union had no prior warning and it is "extremely disappointed that farmers are left in a predicament where they have no one to collect their milk."

Judith Morris, of JH Morris Farm in Bersham, said the situation had come about abruptly and unexpectedly.

She told the Leader it had left the farm with a lot of work to do in terms of setting up a new arrangement to supply their milk, explaining: “We had a call at 10.45pm on Saturday they wouldn’t be picking our milk up in the morning and they gave us three numbers (for other companies) to pick it up.

“They didn’t give any reason at all, and they didn’t send us a letter.

“They just told us and that was it. We’ve had no more information since.

“We have a meeting tomorrow with County Milk to see what we can set up.

“We have been with them (Tomlinsons) nearly 10 years – it’s very worrying.”

Another Wrexham dairy farmer, who did not want to be named, said the situation has created uncertainty about whether producers who are owed money by the company will be paid.

They explained: “We were told by phone late on Saturday night. It’s despicable – what a way to tell people. We’re fuming.

“We have supplied them since 1999 and it has been a vast amount.

“We have no money and no means of paying our mortgage next month.

“Our circumstances are such that this could cripple us – it could be the ruination of us.

“It could potentially ruin a lot of us.

“We need answers, our livelihoods depend on this.”

Tomlinsons Dairies was approached by the Leader for comment.