COUNCILLORS have called for more police presence to give the residents of Shotton more ‘confidence’.

At their monthly meeting, Shotton town councillors expressed their disappointment at the amount of incidents happening across the town.

Cllr Mike Evans said: “Unfortunately since our last meeting nothing has changed whatsoever in our town. The cycling, drugs, drinking, it would be nice if police could be seen out on the streets.

“Unfortunately, I know resources are tight. I think it will give the rest of Shotton a lot more confidence if they could see.”

Cllr Tom Oldfield said: “It’s more prevalent on a Friday and Saturday, that’s when I would like to see more of them.”

Cllr Evans told members of the incident in the Harry Weale memorial garden, which the Leader reported excrement, used needle wrappers and empty beer cans strewn across the floor.

He told members: “It was disgusting to find what I found. It would be nice if the police are seen about. We had the bushes cut down, but this was the back end towards the benches. To me, there’s no respect whatsoever.”

Cllr Rob Dowie said local businesses have also been affected by gangs of drug users, including a local newsagent on Charmley’s Lane. He said: “His takings have really gone down.

“The other day one of them spiced off his head trying to have sex with a sign and fell face down. It’s frightening. People in community aren’t going down as much, it’s really scary.”

Chair Cllr Gillian Brockley agreed that the town needed a ‘stronger police presence’.

Councillors were also asked to praise police for their ‘prompt response’. Cllr Gary Cooper said a resident asked him to thank the local policing team following an incident of anti-social behaviour on Farmfield Close.

He said: “These are quite elderly people and they just wanted to say thank you to police for prompt response to their call.

“The PCSO said there was nothing the police could do but he got in touch with Flintshire County Council who sent officers from the county and they are absolutely delighted by response.

“They advised them on safety and put alarms in for them. It was nice to hear a positive response from both sides.

“I agree with Cllr Evans as residents who I speak to complain about the problems in Shotton, they would feel more comfortable seeing presence of police officers doing patrols but that was just one resident wanted me to mention that tonight. Thanks to police and Flintshire County Council.”

Cllr Sean Bibby added: “Thankfully the police have been prompt, but there have been persistent problems on Salisbury Street on weekends.

“A lot of anti-social behaviour and vandalism to properties, quite a lot of problems there which have caused a lot of misery to people that live there. Thankfully matters are in the hands of the police.”