A JUNIOR football coach has expressed his anger over ‘disgraceful’ persistent dog fouling on his team’s pitches.

Martin Gunn, who coaches Broughton Park JFC’s under 10s team, says he is fed up with having to clean up the mess left by irresponsible dog owners.

The club both play matches and train at Flintshire Council owned Brookes Avenue playing fields, and share the facilities with fellow junior football club Broughton Super Saints.

Over 170 children form part of Broughton Park JFC alone - and Martin has called on dog walkers to think of the children next time they think about leaving dog dirt on the pitches.

He said: “Every week - without fail - myself and other coaches turn up to our pitches and have to clean up after the lazy and irresponsible minority dog owners, who have no consideration for others using the field.

“Only children use these pitches now and I think it’s disgraceful that some think that letting their dog foul then leaving it on a pitch is acceptable.”

Martin said on one occasion, a young girl spectating a game slipped and fell on to dog dirt, leaving her covered in it.

There is already a dog fouling bin in place on the site, so Martin has placed the onus firmly on dog walkers to pick up their dog’s mess.

“We abide by the rules by looking after the pitches - we pay for the privilege to use these pitches, so why can’t the minority of dog owners causing the issues also abide by the rules?

“I’d urge people to please think of the kids in your community who love playing football for local teams, and next time clean up after your dog because the children are getting fed up with it too.”

Steve Jones, Flintshire Council’s chief officer Streetscene and transportation, said: “In October 2017, Flintshire County Council introduced a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) across Flintshire.

“The PSPO included the exclusion of dogs from the playing areas of marked sports pitches and formal recreation areas, and offers a more consistent approach when dealing with issues such as dog fouling and excluding dogs from specific areas.

“Following the concerns that have been raised, the council’s Enforcement Team will increase the number of patrols that takes place in this area. Any individuals who are found to have breached the terms of this order, in the first instance will be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice.”