A LLAY woman described the terrifying moment half a brick was hurled through her bedroom window and hit her dog.

Victoria Bagnall, 38, told the Leader she was on her bed in her bungalow at about 10.10pm on Friday and the window was slightly ajar.

Mrs Bagnall, who is blind in one eye and has very limited vision in her other, said: “Someone come up to the window, opened it and threw a half brick in at me.

“It didn’t his me, but it hit my Yorkshire terrier puppy Willow.

“I am immobile, I have a heart condition, a muscular skeletal disorder, a nerve disorder and I am registered blind – my heart was pounding.

“I had to use my GPN (medicine) spray to calm the pain in my chest.

“When my dog yelped I realised she was hurt. I shouted my husband but by the time he got to the window the person was gone.

“I reported it to the police but they said they can’t get forensics off a brick. They said they’d patrol the area.”

Mrs Bagnall, who had a quadruple heart bypass in 2014, said she now does not feel safe following the incident.

“It almost felt like they were not going to do anything until something happens – but that’s too late.

“There have been a lot of people in the village who have had problems with eggs being thrown at their windows and kids hanging around outside the shops.

“We had an incident recently where someone was banging on the window at 3am.”

Mrs Bagnall said thankfully her dog does not seem to have sustained any lasting injuries as a result of the incident.

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said: "We received a call around 10:19pm regarding a brick being thrown through an open bedroom window around Plas Medi.

"Officers attended the scene around an hour later to ensure no injuries had been caused by the incident.

"Enquiries into the incident are still ongoing."