AMAZON-STYLE delivery lockers could be used to help shape the future of Wrexham’s library services, it’s been revealed.

The 24-hour collection system, which would see library users able to fetch reserved items from lockers at a specific time and location, is one of a number of options being considered by Wrexham Council.

It comes as the local authority is planning to make cuts of about £300,000 to library services over the next two years, which represents a funding reduction of 23 per cent.

Officials said it meant they would be unable to provide the current level of service at some community libraries.

However, they said they were also exploring measures to make the service more accessible, including the introduction of self-service facilities and using technology to allow people to access Wrexham’s main library even when it’s unstaffed.

A consultation has now been launched which also outlines several other possibilities, including increasing the number of volunteer-run libraries or hosting them alongside other council services.

Outlining the proposals in the consultation document, the authority said: “We know that the demands of our customers are changing and that there are many residents who don’t use our library services because they do not meet their needs.

“We are also aware that the way we deliver library services needs to change in order to keep pace with the rapid improvements in digital connectivity.

“The 24/7 locker system could offer a library card holder a secure way to collect library reserved items at a time and place that is convenient.

“The consultation is asking what library users and residents about the council piloting the Open Plus library service model.

“An Open Plus library lets people who are 18 plus access their library, resources, computers and spaces when the building is unstaffed.”

If the idea moves forward, it would see visitors able to scan their library card and type a PIN number to enter the building next to the council’s Guildhall.

The consultation also poses questions on the future of the council’s mobile library, as well as ten branch facilities and its home delivery service.

Cllr Andrew Atkinson, whose portfolio library services fall under, said changes were needed in light of funding cuts from central government.

The authority has previously highlighted how austerity measures have forced it to reduce its budget by around £62m since 2007.

The Conservative politician said: “In light of the financial challenges we face, we will – unfortunately – have to make a number of changes to our libraries service, to make sure they remain viable and sustainable well into the future.

“But as well as having to make changes in line with cuts, some of the planned changes will make the service more convenient and accessible for library users.

“And there is also the possibility that Contact Wrexham services could be integrated with libraries.

“I would encourage all library users, and communities, to take part in the consultation and make their views known.”

A series of public roadshows are being held as part of the consultation, details of which can be found on the council’s website.

You can also fill out the questionnaire by visiting