A HOLYWELL therapist has celebrated his achievements and 'enormous' support.

It has been a busy summer of training for Holywell Hypnotherapy Consultant Paul Kay as he becomes the first licensed practitioner for three different techniques.

The 57-year-old said: "I have been studying new therapies and updating on some other techniques, so yes it has been a busy summer with a lot of study.

"I think continual study is a must for our profession."

Paul has been a holistic therapist since the 1980's and has been studying Hypnotherapy and mind therapies since 2003.

He added: "What I particularly enjoyed about this training is the enormous support from a Global network of therapists, all working to improve the protocols we offer, there has never been anything quite like this before.

"These therapies are changing the way many of us are working. The results people have been achieving are quite frankly amazing.

"A pilot study was conducted with the NHS trust in Derbyshire by RPET founder Martin Rothery which produced some startling results. 73 per cent of patients left pain free and a further 20 per cent had significant reduction in their pain.

"It was also interesting to note that these results were produced under what were not ideal circumstances. I hope that we can get further studies done."

Paul is currently organising a series of talks about the work he is doing.

He told the Leader: "We have an opioid crisis. I want people to know that there are very effective alternatives without the nasty side effects. I would also like to dispel some of the misconceptions about Hypnotherapy which prevent people from experiencing this wonderful life enhancing therapy."

For further information call 07486688717 or email paulkaydhp@kholistictherapy.com.